Feng Shui Keys 

The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Properties & Enhancing Your Life, Health, Relationships, Home & Business!

Feng Shui Keys will forever change the way real estate is evaluated in this country. Every home buyer, investor and Realtor should read this book before searching to buy or lease a home or office! In the midst of foreclosures and lost fortunes, Buyer Beware! Your bargain dream home may not be a good deal after all! Learn why some homes have a higher propensity for loss of jobs, money or divorce of the occupants. 

Louis gives the “inside scoop” the experts don’t always reveal. Practical and tactical, Feng Shui Keys provides an action plan with all the wisdom a buyer needs to evaluate a potential property like a Feng Shui expert. Take this convenient guide with you house hunting and find the most harmonious and prosperous places to live! more

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